Step One to Changing Your Internal Representations – Image Editing

The next step in removing phobia is to edit our internal images and representations. In other words we are going to alter and change the way we see things.

While maintaining a state where we observe the observer (lots of distance from the object or event in question), we can edit and change our image of the object of our phobia.

Have the object of the phobia in question appear on the playing field, opera stage, or whatever other stage you have set up.

You can then alter the image by changing information relating to each of your five senses.

Sense of Sight:

You can change the colors; play the events in reverse; make the image larger or smaller; change the brightness; add color, or make the image black and white; add new characters to the scene; have the various participants or objects behave in humorous ways; and so forth.

You can radically and dramatically change how the image looks.

Remember you are not observing this directly, you are only observing the observer.

Sense of Sound:

You can add funny, sexy, comical voices; add carnival or other fun, enjoyable music; add pleasant, relaxing, soothing sounds of nature; change the volume of the sound; and so on.

The mind is infinitely flexible and can make any changes that you desire, even if you are not directly watching, listening, or observing the changes being made.

Sense of Touch:

You can add new bodily sensations, such as a pleasant breeze that was not there before; you can make it lighter or heavier; you can change the rhythm; make things smooth or rough; cooler or hotter.

Keep changing the physical sensations until a most pleasant state is achieved.

Sense of Taste:

If you like, you may add pleasant tastes and sensations in your mouth to give flavor to the whole experience.

Sense of Smell:

Experiment with pleasant and enjoyable fragrances. Add jasmine or smell or roses or a fruity smell or your favorite perfume. Have the smell of nature, or a delicious smell, or a sensual scent that enlivens the senses.

Keep making edits and adding changes until you are sure that the image you have created in your mind is radically different from the one you had before.

Remember, it is all in the mind. How we represent the events on the playing field, spaceship, or theater screen is entirely up to us.

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