Feeling Great – It Takes Willpower, Determination and a Hard Head! (Part I)

Are you feeling outstanding today? How easy it is to wake up in the morning, get ready for work, pour a cup of coffee, grab a cinnamon roll, hop in the car and head off to work. Ah, that great and mesmerizing smell of that coffee. How scrumptious that cinnamon roll tastes. As we get to work, we lavish in a second or third cup, or maybe a soda. Now, we are ready to take on the world. Consider what we have just done. Was that really a nutritious breakfast?

What about lunch? A fast food burger or even a fast food salad laced with preservatives? Please don’t misunderstand, I know there is a time and a place for fast food. I know that sometimes we find ourselves in precarious situations where fast or “junk” food is the only option. How often does that happen though?

Will Power and Determination

We are all aware of the basic rules of health; things like diet, exercise and sleep. We have heard these pronouncements again and again. But how many of us really put these good practices into action? It takes a lot of willpower and determination to stick to a balanced and healthy diet or a good exercise program. Or, to make sure that we get enough sleep. It seems that everything is working against the rules of good health in today’s society. For example:

  • Here on the east coast, the good TV shows come on at 10 p.m. The network channel news broadcasts don’t start until 11:00 p.m.
  • The 40 hour work week we grew up with is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many salaried employees find themselves toiling away at an 45-55 hours per week, aned some even much more. And this is what is expected.
  • It also seems like the drive to and from work keeps getting longer. If we work 50 hours per week and spend 2 hours per day driving to and from work, that’s a total of 60 hours. A lot of time. What happened to that utopian society that was predicted 30 years ago? And many of us have to put in time on weekends as well. The telecommuter, who has the luxury of working form home is some times no better off. When I telecommute I often start an hour early and work late. If I have my PC at home over the weekend it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll log in for some work time.
  • When I was a kid, it seems that I rarely had a lot of homework. I did most of the work during class. Through their school years, my kids (the last of which will graduate this year) were often bringing home 2-3 hours of homework per night. And guess what that means, my wife and I, as woefully prepared as we were at times, got to help them!
  • The extracurricular activities that kids are involved in today are outstanding, but they are also very time consuming. Gone are the days when our kids could play an unsupervised game of baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer or football in the yard or neighborhood park with some friends. Now everything has got to be a big coordinated effort with uniforms and umpires and crazy parents sitting in the stands barking about every call the referee or umpire makes.

What I’m trying to say is that the pressures on our time are enormous. Sometimes we wonder who has time to exercise? It definitely takes willpower and determination to eat well and keep up a regular workout program. If I could, let me make a few simple suggestions that may make a seemingly impossible task at least a little better.

1. Cut back on sugar and white flour intake. Your long term energy level will increase.

2. Substitute soda (or as we used to call it in the Midwest, pop) with green tea. Green tea has a lot of beneficial attributes and some caffeine to help pick you up. Your health and wallet will both benefit.

3. A vitamin B Stress complex formula is a good multi-vitamin to take daily. Who wouldn’t benefit from some stress relief in this rapid-fire go-until-you-drop society?

4. Develop the habit of a good 30-40 minute workout routine 3-4 days a week. Believe me, you do not have to be a member of a gym to exercise. The gym may help some people, but it is not necessary. There are many good exercises you can do around your house and there is some excellent home gym equipment available.

In part two of this series we will talk about having a hard head and what that has to do with feeling outstanding.

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