Make Sure You Are Standing on That Sure Sound Firm Rock Before the Surging Waters Sweep Around You

King David was a worshipper, a singer, a poet, a brave man who had many weaknesses, as well as various strengths. He is such a mixture, just as we are.

David discovered what could result when Almighty God was one’s rock.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and David knew that the God of the Old Testament was reliable and consistent.

Worship is one of the highest activities in which any man can become involved.

To worship the living God through Jesus Christ and to have intimate fellowship our creator God is such an honour and privilege and this caring concerned compassionate God invited men to enjoy such a rich relationship with Him.

When being hunted by men King David experienced having to hide in crags and caves, as well as stand on that rock. Being persecuted and having to go into hiding may sound romantic and exciting on the written page, but in reality it is sore and hurtful and wounding in many aspects.

Around this area of the north of Scotland, many of the Covenanters had to hide under bridges and while bleeding and in sever pain. Yes, some consider this to be the romance of the Covenanting period but the reality is very different. While serving as assistant in The Kirk of the Greyfriars, in Edinburgh, Scotland, I became quite acquaint with something of the reality of standing for Jesus Christ in challenging days, and we are currently living in highly challenging days.

Morality and ethics and business practices and family life and traditional marriage are all being challenged to their very roots.

Just as David had to hide at times, we too hide, in a sense, when we come to worship, not because we are running away from anything, but like attending a restaurant, we go because we are hungry – spiritually hungry for nourishment and fellowship.

Situations tend to become unstable. Circumstances can degenerate faster than we thought might happen.

We will require a very solid rock on which to stand, over these next months.

Have you got a rock on which to stand? Have you built your life on Jesus Christ the Rock of ages?

King David is profoundly grateful and thankful as he praises God for being his fortress, deliverer, shield, tower, and refuge. He speaks of the solidity of God with breathtaking power and pace, painting his life story in such lively colours.

He tells us what he has been through, and how he has been rescued from cosmic and catastrophic events.

David found that God was a stronghold, a fortress, a comforter.

God fortifies His people making them more secure than the most secure of Scottish castles. Comfort is a very strong word.

No matter what danger confronted him, or what moral lapses caused him to sin, David never denied that he belonged to God, nor did he ever turn away from God,

We too need a rock on which to stand, and an anchor to keep us from drifting.

Make sure you are standing on that sure sound firm rock before the surging waters sweep around you, as they most certainly will.

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