Energy Savings in the Office

We spend almost a third of our adult lives at work. It follows that we also use a great deal of energy during this time. A small fan or computer or printer doesn’t use that much energy, but look around…How many desks are there in your office? With how many appliances at each one? At how many workplaces across the globe? Yes, it all adds up to HUGE energy consumption that you can help reduce.


If you aren’t using an appliance, turn it off. It sounds obvious, but how many times have you taken a coffee or lunch break and left your computer, printer, radio, heater or fan switched on? What about when you leave for the weekend? You wouldn’t leave your car running and guzzling gas if you weren’t using it – so treat your office the same. Give appliances a break during downtime.

Dress for Comfort

If your workplace has a uniform, work with supervisors to develop a comfortable dress code that will work in summer and winter. A simple light shirt for hot weather and a windbreaker jacket for cold weather can save on cooling and heating usage. Discuss sensible temperature expectancies for the office during each season and signpost these limits. If the staff work together to develop these rules, you should find that you will have reduced energy consumption and happier workers!

Think Before You Print

Every email, form or correspondence uses energy from your computer and printer, which in turn then causes paper waste (which will eventually use energy to either be recycled or disposed of). Think before you print! Can your message be better circulated by an email or a quick meeting? How about person-to-person communication? Not only will this reduce energy consumption but it will improve staff morale and networking as well.

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