Think Before You Speak – It Will Make You a Better Person

Would you like to become a better person? Then think before you speak. If you do, you will certainly develop good relationships with people.

So, how can thinking before speaking help you become a better person?

1. If you practice thinking before speaking, you will not make a hasty and careless remark that you will regret later. This is probably the best and most practical advice that you can give to yourself.

2. When you make a careless remark, the hurtful or offensive words that you say to anyone will haunt you forever. Always remind yourself that you can never bring back the damage caused by those hurtful words that you don’t mean to say in the first place.

3. If someone says something hurtful behind your back, verify the truth and politely request for an explanation from the source. Never think of retaliating by throwing the same offensive words and ignite the fire. Don’t be the kind of person who will stoop down to anyone’s level.

4. In moments when you are tempted to say something hurtful or offensive in front of anyone – better stop and hold your tongue. We have long learned from our elders that we should never humiliate anyone and it is better not to say anything than say something stupid and worthless, anyway. Practice this elderly advice and you will surely feel good about yourself. Most of the time, it is best to keep your silence when you are angry because when you speak in anger, you will only make a fool of yourself.

5. In times when you would feel like gossiping or saying something negative about anyone, better hold your tongue as well. You do not have any idea how much paranoia it can get you later on.

Think before you speak. Practice tact in every conversation and make less or no enemies. That will surely make you become a better person.

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