Gratitude No Matter What (Beliefs, Attitudes, Patience & Profound Convictions Fulfilled by Yourself)

When you are genuinely at cause in a great or even good way, you should be grateful to yourself no matter what. I know that I am when I am at cause or work on something genuinely tedious and solve it in my own life. Indeed, it does all come down to beliefs, attitude, patience and profound convictions about what is genuinely real and honest no matter what in a positive way. As a saying of mine goes: “Understanding breeds confidence in a positive way.” This is an article that says, yes, we can all fulfill ourselves if we are willing to put out the effort and do it. Sure, fulfilling ourselves in life in the most genuine senses is the hardest work of all, but it is also the most fulfilling work of all. When it is thought about objectively, that is the reality of the situation that genuinely counts in every way that does count.

Now, sure, I could have minced words in that first paragraph about what counts in life and existence (in that order), but it would have been two hundred extra words of “silliness” that goes over your head (I put the word silliness into quotation marks because, nothing I say is silly, but some details can be unnecessary to get the point across.) and sounds over intellectual or even ridiculous. I understand that solutions are needed for the reader in life as soon as possible, so I am packing this article with rational solutions that genuinely work for all.

All rational actions and life (in that order) start with beliefs and attitudes, they either benefit us or they do not. We create our own genuine reality through the medium of basic beliefs and attitudes, and patience or impatience and personal convictions, negative or positive are an effect. That simple. But, what makes life complex is are two choices of how to proceed: right or wrong. Naturally we always prefer right, because in a natural way, what is genuinely right works. But when we are wrong, we do not quit, we adjust. It is also that simple and concise. Sure, with all the achieving to be right, we must all invariably achieve understanding for ourselves in order to have an increasing success rate of being genuinely right until genuine perfection is achieved, which comes from much trial, temporary error and hard work of creating right solutions in each department of what we do, our lives and our existence. Sure, what I am saying sounds hard, and it is, but what is harder is quitting with that first wrong decision in “frustration”. What is worse is thinking that fate just hands out a “deal” and “that is it” without giving yourself a genuine chance to try again and succeed with the wisdom that you gained from “your past try”. Listen, although the past does not create the future and the present does create the future, there is always a present in existence to do something in that can create a good future, no matter how many present times it takes to create that future. Indeed, no matter what, as long as existence exists, there is a chance.

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